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 Experience Events

Ejay's Kitchen is proud to announce the first of it's one a kind Experience events.

 Be prepared to step into a traditional setting, serving up mouth watering food prepared by a chef with many years of experience preparing traditional meals from around the world.

As a woman with deep Nigerian roots, Ejay draws her inspiration from her passion for food, as well as her love and enthusiasm for the rich culture of Africa which she hopes to share with all. enabling you to see through the eyes of one that knows.

Ejay draws from her passion for food and the need to bring the full unadulterated experience to those who miss home, those who visited the continent and islands and want to another bite without the travel. Those who have never been but would like a short  intruduction, then search no further, Ejay’s kitchen is the place for you.

Africa is a continent blessed with an array of beautiful cultures which are expressed in arts and crafts, folklore and religion, clothing, cuisine, music and languages. Ejay’s kitchen allows you experience this from the comfort of your own space.

Be prepared to taste the Afro Caribbean food, experience the ambience, and ultimately view Africa and the islands from a closer and more familiar perspective.


AFRICAN CUISINE: Using locally sourced ingredients, Ejay prepares mouth watering dishes that leaves you craving for more. Dishes ranging from the popular Jollof rice, Fufu, Kelewele, Suya, Pepper soup, Moin-Moin, Jerked Meats and Fish, to mention a few.

AMBIENCE: Ejay also brings the African atmosphere straight to you through the infusion of African arts and crafts

       STORY TELLING: Folklore is a major part of the Afro- Caribbean culture as it represents a variety of social facets of the various cultures in Africa. Follow NneDinma the storyteller on an adventure into the world of African folklore and legendary tales

Each Experience evening will take you on a voyage filled with heady scents and sounds of rich cultures from around Africa and the Caribbean Followed by our special guest, Nnedinma The storyteller

Event dates to be announced soon.